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About Campaign

1000andyou is a mission run by young leaders to support 1000 future female trailblazers.

About Campaign

Imagine walking into a classroom with twenty boys studying, but only one girl. This is a reality in many Korku villages. Girls deserve an education, but community support is needed to ensure that girls get the chance to study.

In the Satpura forest of Madhya Pradesh, Khanda District, live the Korku tribe. They have been historically marginalized – and face issues from food security to education. Girls face the added challenge of breaking gender roles.

That’s where 1000andyou comes in – we have local community leaders across Korku villages engaging with community members and supporting girls’ education efforts.

Join the mission to fund 1000 girls in school.

Pledging 3000INR keeps one girl in school this year.

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Fundraising Community

1000andyou is a campaign incubated by TYCIA Foundation to support
1000 Korku girls in Khandwa District, Madhya Pradesh.

*Implemented by TYCIA Foundation, a registered non-profit.